The Behind The Scenes

Ok… let me first introduce myself… My name is Jeremy and you are here because, somehow… someway you are found yourself on my kitchen renovation blog. Now, before you get too invested, I want to let you know in full disclosure that I have never written a blog post before. (Not a single one)… However, I have renovated an apartment or two. So… at the urging of my hipster, millennial assistant (who is also my younger sister btw, but that’s an entirely different conversation), I have decided to document the renovation project that I am about to embark on. 

So before I get into the skinny of the actual reno itself, I will give you a quick rundown of the apartment. Charles (that’s my partner) and I bought this classic prewar Chicago high-rise apartment just over a year ago. The space itself has all of the period details one would expect in a vintage high-rise; giant rooms, super high ceilings, and intricate moldings… you know the sort of shit Carrie Bradshaw would totally geek out over. Anyway… the couple who owned the apartment before we bought it lived there for 40 years (yes I said FORTY!), so as you can imagine it was in need of a complete over-hall… Like everything! So far we have done all the floors, all new windows, installed a Space Pak HVAC system, spruced up two of the three bathrooms… and now we are about to start this giant kitchen project. [EEEK]

Kitchen BEFORE.jpg

So, let’s talk about it. The first thing to note is that this is the most oddly-shaped kitchen I have ever seen. (See the floorplan below). Honestly, I’m certain there isn’t even a name for its shape… it is sort of a trapezoid but with a few extra angles thrown in for good measure I guess? I mention this because coming up with a design plan that  A) is practical for two super busy people who actually use their kitchen and B) isn’t going to cost like a million dollars wasn’t an easy feat. But after six months and countless meetings with our amazing designer Garrett, we were able to come up with a plan that we love... and isn’t going to cost quite a million dollars. 

Ok so, this is where I share my first tidbit with you guys. Now I know some of you are going to be like, “of course… that is a no brainer” but I know when I did my first reno project I didn’t think about anything other than how pretty it was going to be. Now don’t get me wrong… I still want things to be pretty, but I also understand the value in functionality, both for me AND for whoever is going to live in the space after me… (did I mention that I am Real Estate Agent, haha). Seriously though it is really important, particularly when reconfiguring a kitchen that you think through not only what it is going to look like but what it is going to live like. And PS... claiming that you don’t ever cook so "function" isn’t important isn’t going to fly here guys, because at some point you are going to want to sell and having beautiful, yet wildly impractical space is going to make your life hell. 

Anyway, back to me and my kitchen… so, this is all I have for now. If you like stay tuned to see how things play out as I take you on my step by step journey from the hot mess I am living with now to (hopefully) the kitchen of my dreams!