Jeremy is very much of a hands-on realtor and makes the process very much of a team effort. Throughout our search, he was as excited as us to find a perfect fit that checked all of our boxes. He is very familiar with the Chicago area and is great kind of 'picky.' He refrains from wasting  anyone's time and gets to know his clients well enough to know what's not worth seeing and what might be a hidden gem. He assisted us in closing on a true hidden gem and was able to seal the deal within 48 hours. He's a true shark; and I know he will be the only one my future husband and I will use throughout our lives.


Jeremy was referred to me by a friend and on first meeting, the chemistry was perfect. He was equal parts teacher, advisor and friend. He helped me figure out my budget and presented a few options to look at for the first trip out. One of the many things that impressed me was how he worked  with others. At one of the buildings, the desk clerk was rude and unhelpful. Jeremy was very respectful and focused on finding a solution. The way he held his cool and made it work, made me realize that he was the perfect agent for me. I fell in love with a condo so we put an offer in but it fell through because my financing wasn't in place. Jeremy introduced me to a mortgage broker who helped me get my taxes, finances, and budget in place to be bankable. With Jeremy's help, we built the perfect team - mortgage broker, lawyer - to make this happen. Jeremy was very sensitive to my schedule and my goals to be closed by a certain date. He responded quickly to every question and email, even when he was on vacation in a foreign country. Flexibility and responsiveness are two of his biggest strengths as are knowledge, experience and sheer commitment to service his clients. As someone who works in both the customer service and night life industry, I know what good service is. Jeremy more than exceeded my expectations in every way and helped me find the condo of my dreams. You can probably tell that he has my highest recommendation and I will be sending all my friends to him in the future.


My girlfriend and I met Jeremy when we requested a showing of a condo on Zillow. We consider it to be the second best thing to happen to us during a string of mainly bad luck while searching for our first condo. The best thing to happen to us would be finally closing on our condo, which couldn't  have happened without Jeremy's knowledge and help. You could not find a more honest realtor who always looks out for your best interest. For example, as we walked out of our first showing he said to us please don't buy that condo, keep looking. While he may have thought that his honesty could lose us as clients, for us it sealed the deal that we would be working with Jeremy for the duration of our search. With Jeremy, we never felt like he was pushing us to make a sale, that he was being dishonest, or didn't have time for us. He always went above and beyond for us, for as long as it takes to find our perfect place. I will always recommend Jeremy to my friends, family, and even complete strangers who are looking to buy a home! We honestly feel that we wouldn't have found our perfect place if it wasn't for Jeremy and all of his hard work. We truly owe everything to him!

I would HIGHLY recommend Jeremy! I'm a first-time home buyer and the most intimidating part of this process for me was the the thought of doing it alone. I didn't know how to find someone who I could trust to give me the best information since this was the first time I was going through the  process. My family lives in Ohio and I am the first of my friends to buy a place, so I didn't have anyone I could look to for advice. I took a shot in the dark and reached out on Zillow and Jeremy was the first person who contacted me - I feel so lucky to have found him on the first attempt! From our first outing, I felt like I could trust him to break down the process for me and provide his honest opinion based on his expertise. I'll break this down to each stage of the process:

Inquiry: Jeremy followed up with me within an hour of me submitting an inquiry and we touched base so he could learn more about what I was looking for in a home. He was very conscious of my budget, and of explaining the process up front.

Showings: After each showing he went through a list of pros and cons of the places we saw. He helped me consider factors I hadn't previously thought of as I was looking at homes - anything from hidden water damage to ideas for decorating. After our initial day of showings, he laid out the entire process in detail. I began this process the beginning of June and needed to be into a new place August 1 (I moved in July 29!) and Jeremy was conscious of my timeline the whole time, and knew when I needed to be nudged to make my decision - which was much appreciated!

Deciding: I ended up finding two places I really liked and Jeremy was able to conduct an in depth market analysis in order to help me determine which was the best investment option. Having this knowledge really helped me feel comfortable with my end decision.

Putting in an offer: When I decided to put in an offer, Jeremy's excellent negotiation skills helped me get the cost under what I had originally hoped for.

Inspection and attorney review: Jeremy referred me to a great inspector and attorney and was an advocate for me during attorney review. During this time, I was out of the country for a week, and Jeremy handled negotiating the final contract while I was away. I had complete piece of mind during what should have been a stressful time being multiple time zones away. Jeremy ensured that all of the necessary repairs would be taken care of and that none of the repairs would push back my closing date.

Closing: I had some moments of panic as we neared closing and Jeremy was able to relieve my fears and explain the process in a way that helped me understand what I could expect. I truly felt that I could count on him any step of the way to talk me through anything I found confusing or something that didn't seem right.

Jeremy went out of his way to be available and make this process as easy as possible. I was expecting this process to be extremely stressful and overwhelming, but because of Jeremy's assistance, it went smoother than I could have possibly imagined! Not only that, I also enjoyed Jeremy's insight, humor, and our conversations as we rode around to look at places. Jeremy is an expert realtor and more importantly - an all-around wonderful person. I cannot recommend him highly enough.


Recently I listed my condominium for sale, first by owner, then by a realtor. After several months, I had no success and the realtor wanted to lower the asking price by 15% at the outset. Then a friend referred me to Jeremy Fisher, who met with me and looked at my condo. Jeremy was knowledgeable  and interested in every aspect of the sale, including my needs and expectations. He discussed his marketing ideas and plans and made sure that I was in agreement about how to proceed. Within a week, he staged the place, made suggestions, and brought in a few pieces of rented furniture and accessories. I was surprised at his good taste and ability to show the condo at its best. He had a photographer come by to create a video walk-through. Everything was done to perfection, and Jeremy stayed in contact with me to be sure that I agreed and understood. Jeremy then scheduled an open house. This took place one week after I had signed with him. Three days later, the condo was sold, at a price 10% more than my original asking price. Three days! What can I say?! Not only is he personable, ethical and professional in every detail, but he is also remarkably well-versed in design and effective (but low-pressure) salesmanship. He acts as a diplomatic liaison between buyer, seller and attorneys. He’s energetic and intelligent, and dedicates himself completely to the job at hand. It has been a pleasure to work with Jeremy, and also an unexpected pleasure to have received more profit than I anticipated. I recommend Jeremy without reservation. He’s the best!


We asked Jeremy Fisher to be our realtor for finding a home in Evanston two years ago. We were looking to rent the first year while we shopped for a house to buy. Jeremy found us the perfect rental within days. The following spring we went to many open houses. Jeremy shadowed us one Sunday through  several houses to get a feel for what we required and what we desired. He phoned the next day with a house that had just gone on the market. The house, location and price range were ideal. He knew exactly what we wanted and wasted no time in making an appointment. We submitted a bid the following day. Jeremy shepherded us through the process with ease every step of the way, making wise suggestions as a seasoned realtor. He was always available with answers to questions. Jeremy had the experience and insight to anticipate all potential road blocks and to put in perspective what was important and what was not. Jeremy is knowledgeable, considerate, a good listener and has a terrific sense of humor. We would hire him again without hesitation.

Bill & David

Jeremy Fisher makes the condo buying and selling experience what it should be - fun! While Jeremy is very knowledgeable about the Chicago real estate market and what seems like every building in the area, where he really excels is in finding a unit that is the perfect match for YOU based on what  he learns about you and what you want in a home during your initial meeting with him and during each subsequent search. He helped me find the perfect condo back in 2013, and he then helped me sell it a couple of years later when I was ready to move to another city. Both were enjoyable experiences thanks to Jeremy! I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking to buy or sell a condo or house in the Chicago!


I 100% would recommend fact, I already did! My personal experience of selling a one bedroom and purchasing a two bedroom, both with Jeremy, couldn't have been any better. For the sale, Jeremy came prepared with all of the market data on a micro and macro level for our very first call.  We put my place on the market and it was under contract in 20 days! He then worked with me, very patiently, to find my new home. He was attentive to my must-haves, likes and dislikes and even toured homes on my behalf when I was out of the country. I couldn't imagine living anywhere else or working with another agent! I will definitely be a repeat customer.


I am a second time home-buyer (first time in Illinois) and working with Jeremy was a breeze! He is extremely knowledgeable and provided a lot of guidance throughout the entire process. He was always available by text/email and responded BS, no excuses. What I valued most in  working with Jeremy was his knowledge of the market and his responsiveness. I felt well prepared in making my offer and I knew that if any questions came up, I could quickly find the answer with Jeremy's help. I highly recommend Jeremy and cannot stress enough to family and friends who are currently in the market looking to buy/sell a home that they need to use him as their agent! I will definitely be using him again the future.